International  Journals

  1. Asia Pacific Journal of Management Research and Innovation
  2. Foreign Trade Review
  3. Global Business Review
  4. International Journal of Marketing and Policy
  5. International Journal of Rural Management
  6. International Journal of Communication
  7. International Journal of Statistics and Management System
  8. Management and Labour Studies
  9. South Asian Journal f Human Resource Management

National Journals

  1. Asian Journal of Management Cases
  2. Bulletin of Materials Science
  3. Current Science
  4. Harward Business Review
  5. IIMK Koazikode Society and Management Review
  6. Indian Journal of Corporate Governance
  7. Journal of Biosciences
  8. Journal of Chemical Sciences
  9. Journal of Earth System Science
  10. Journal of Emerging Market Finance
  11. Journal of Entrepreneurship
  12. Journal of Human Values
  13. South Asia Journal of Business and Management
  14. Vision
  15. Journal of Genetics
  16. Resonance : journal of science education
  17. Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy
  18. Sadahana; Academy Proceedings in Engneering Science
  19. Proceedings – Mathematical Sciences
  20. Paramana : journal of Physics
  21. University News (AIU)